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Program Overview...

Workers' compensation is a form of employer-paid insurance providing compensation and medical care for employees suffering work-related injuries or illnesses. Generally, participation in such state-run programs precludes the employee from the right to sue the employer in civil court for negligence. Plans differ between states, but usually cover payments for lost wages; compensation for other past and future economic losses; medical expenses; and death benefits payable to the dependents of workers killed on the job.


Workers' Compensation Cases: Workers’ compensation laws have undergone several changes in recent years. These changes have made it more difficult for injured employees to obtain all of the benefits to which they're entitled. The Law Offices of Sef Krell has knowledgeable attorneys with the right experience and the right qualifications to give injured workers the advantage they need to ensure that they receive all of these essential benefits.


California Workers' Compensation Benefits

Medical Benefits: Medical expenses associated with workplace injuries or illnesses for employees covered by workers' compensation are entitled to be fully paid or reimbursed.

Disability Benefits: The benefit amount is determined based on a percentage of the worker's wage, subject to weekly minimum and maximums.  Disability benefits fall into three distinct categories:


Temporary Disability: Most eligible workers can receive benefits for up to two years for a Temporary Total Disability-TTD or Temporary Partial Disability-TPD.

Permanent Total Disability-PTD: PTD payments continue for life.
Permanent Partial Disability-PPD: Depending on the extent of the disability, PPD payments may continue for up to 619.25 weeks.

Note: Disfigurement may be considered when determining the percentages of total disability.

Rehab Benefits: Benefits are available for physical rehabilitation as are limited vocational rehab. benefits for some injured workers.

Death Benefits:  Calculated as a percentage of the employee's wages (subject to minimum and maximum caps), benefits are paid to the surviving spouse and/or children in the event of a covered employee's work-related death.  A burial allowance is also available


We're There for You!

Our attorneys have over 15 years extensive experience working with injured employees, employers, defense attorneys and workers’ compensation judges. We...

Continually monitor changes in California Workers Compensa-
tion laws to ensure our clients obtain the maximum benefits to which they're entitled.
Provide a FREE initial consultation to discuss your case and the workers comp process; outline the various timelines and filing deadlines; describe our firms handling of similar cases and discuss your potential legal fees and expenses.
Thoroughly review your claim and all supporting documents.
Perform a supplemental case analysis to assess your eligibility for any other benefits to which you might be entitled besides workers' comp, e.g., Social Security, state disability, wrongful termination or discrimination, occupational disease benefits, and/or personal injury claims.
Vigorously represent and defend your interest during all hearings and administrative proceedings.
Do everything the law allows to protect your rights and ensure you receive ALL the benefits to which you are legally entitled!

Best of all, we do all this for only 12% to 15% of your settlement or award amount.  So, if you don't win, you don't owe us anything!


Employer Obligations

BEFORE an injury or illness occurs, your employer MUST...


Obtain workers' compensation insurance or qualify to become self-insured

Provide a workers' compensation pamphlet to all new employees explaining their rights and responsibilities.
Post the workers' compensation poster in a place where it can be seen by all employees.

AFTER an accident or injury, your employer MUST...


Give you a workers' comp claim form within 24 hours of reporting a work-related injury or illness.

Return a completed copy of the claim form to you within 24 hours of receipt.
Send the claim form, along with the employer's report of occupa-tional injury or illness, to the claims administrator within 24 hours of receipt.
Within 24 hours of receiving your claim, authorize up to $10,000 in appropriate medical treatment.
Provide transitional work, e.g., light duty, when appropriate.
If you're the victim of a workplace crime, the employer must give notice of workers' comp eligibility.

If your employer failed to follow any of these steps, please alert your attorney immediately.

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