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Everyday, a wide variety of accidents and injuries happen to people through little or no fault of their own because of the harmful acts or negligence of others. These accidents can leave victims with debilitating temporary or permanent injuries; saddle them with costly medical expenses; limit their ability to work and earn a living and/or leave them confronting other life altering consequences.

Personal injury suits allow victims to recover costs and damages associated with their injuries.


Personal Injury Cases: The Law Offices of Sef Krell is one of the Los Angeles areas' premier personal injury law firms specializing in automobile and motorcycle accident victims, wrongful death cases and many other personal injury claims.  Our lawyers have the required expertise, talent, experience and a proven track record of success to ensure that personal injury victims and the families of wrongful death victims receive the maximum compensation afforded by the law.


Types of  Personal
Injury Accidents

Vehicle Accidents
automobiles  •  motorcycles trucks  ships/boats  •  planes/airlines
trains/railways  •  public transit
school buses

Workplace, Construction & Industrial Accidents

Product Liability

Defective Drugs or
Medical Devices

Medical Malpractice

Misc. Negligence
dog bites  •  slip and falls
burns  •  assaults
household accidents
nursing home abuse

Wrongful Death


Your Initial
Legal Consultation

There's NO MONEY due upfront and, even before you've decided whether to hire us, we will...

Provide you with an initial FREE legal consultation.
Explain the legal process to you.
Estimate how long your case could take.
Discuss whether you might or might not need to appear in court.
Make a preliminary determination of what your case could be worth.
Describe the outcome of similar cases handled by our firm.
Describe our "contingency" fee structure. If you don't win your case, you don't pay us!

Once You've Hired Us

We treat everyone of our clients individually, giving you and your case, the time and attention you and it deserve.  When you hire us to represent you, we will...

Thoroughly review all the paper work including: medical records, accident and/or police reports.
Deal directly with your insurance company and submit all required claim forms.
Represent you at trial and make all required court filings.
Work closely with investigators and experts to help make you present your strongest case.
Do everything the law allows to ensure that all of your medical bills, lost wages and our expenses paid.
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