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Important Terms...

Felony: Crime punishable by more than a year in prison or by death.

Misdemeanor: Crime punishable by imprisonment in a county jail for a year or less or jail and a fine.

Juvenile Charges: Applies when a minor child is charged with a crime.

Federal Crime: Violation of U.S. government law where the crime impacted interstate commerce, e.g., drug trafficking, and/or was committed on Federal property.

State  Crime: Violation of state law in which the crime was committed.


Criminal Defense: Once charged with a crime, you face the possible loss of your reputation, earning potential, personal freedom or even your life. This is NOT the time to gamble on an inexperienced attorney. The Law Offices of Sef Krell has been successfully defending criminally charged defendants facing state, Federal and juvenile court charges including DUIs, drug charges, domestic violence, white collar crimes, theft, gun charges and murder cases for over 15 years.


Types of  Crimes

domestic violence • child abuse

Driving Under the Influence
alcohol • drugs

Drug Related Offenses
possession • sale or distribution

robbery • burglary • shoplifting
fraud • embezzlement

murder • manslaughter
(includes attempted and conspiracy)


Property Crimes
destruction of property

Sexual Abuse/Assault
rape • child molestation

Weapons Violations

Misc. Others
computer & internet crimes
hate crimes • perjury


We Protect You!

There's a reason, we're one of the Los Angeles area's premier criminal defense firms.  We will...

Provide a FREE initial consultation to discuss your case and the legal process; assess how long your case could take; describe our firms handling of similar cases and discuss your potential legal fees and expenses.
Thoroughly review all evidence against you including police reports, disclosure documents, witness statements, etc.
Discuss whether you might or might not wish to take the stand in your own defense and prep you for trial, if you choose to do so.
Vigorously represent and defend you at trial and make all required court filings including any required appeals.
Do everything the law allows to protect your rights and ensure you receive the best possible defense to get your life back!

Your Rights as a
Criminal Defendant

Our Constitution guarantees these rights to all criminal defendants...

Right to representation by an attorney or counsel
Right to confront and cross-examine witnesses
Right to testify
Right to remain silent
Right to a fair and speedy trial
Right to use the subpoena power of the court to compel witnesses to testify
In most instances, the right to a jury trial
Right to be presumed innocent

Appeals Specialist

If you have a prior case entering appeal, and aren't happy with your current representation, come to Sef Krell, we're the appeals specialist!

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