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About Our Team...

The team of attorneys and staff at The Law Offices of Sef Krell is a multi-talented and multi-faceted collection of individuals with one goal in mind... to vigorously protect your rights!

Whether that means providing an aggressive defense in criminal court; fighting for the largest settlement possible in a personal injury case or helping you navigate the bureaucratic maze of workers' compensation requirements to maximize the benefits to which your entitled, The Law Offices of Sef Krell is there for you!


About Our Firm

The Law Offices of Sef Krell has been protecting the rights and ensuring fair compensation for personal injury victims and injured workers covered by California workers’ compensation laws as well as vigorously defending criminally charged defendants in a wide variety of cases for over 15 years.


Criminal Defense

When you’re charged as a defendant in criminal case, you risk incarceration, the loss of future earning potential and potentially exorbitant fines, not to mention your good name and standing in the community.

Over the past 15 years, our firm has successfully represented clients facing state, Federal and juvenile court charges including DUIs, drug charges, crimes against property, domestic violence, white collar crimes, theft, gun charges and murder cases.

With your personal freedom and so much else at stake, you want and need the experienced criminal defense attorneys at the Law Offices of Sef Krell to aggressively fight for your rights. -Read More-


Personal Injury

The Law Offices of Sef Krell is one of the Los Angeles area's premier personal injury law firms specializing in automobile and motorcycle accident victims, wrongful death cases and many other personal injury accidents.

Personal injury and wrongful death cases involve very specialized legal requirements which should only be handled by knowledgeable and experienced personal injury attorneys like those in our firm.

Our lawyers have the required expertise, talent, experience and a proven track record of success to ensure that personal injury victims and the families of wrongful death victims receive the maximum compensation afforded by the law.
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Workers’ Comp

California workers’ compensation law has undergone several changes in recent years. These changes have made it more difficult for injured employees to obtain all of the benefits they're entitled to under the law. Having an attorney with the right experience and the right qualifications can give an injured worker an advantage in ensuring that they receive all of these benefits.

The Law Offices of Sef Krell works extensively on a daily basis with injured employees, defense attorneys and workers’ compen-
sation judges. As a result, our attorneys have the knowledge and skill required in workers’ compen-sation law to ensure all our clients obtain the most favorable results.
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